Message from the President

Yoshiaki Sakamoto
Representative Director
Yoshiaki Sakamoto

Smile-creating industry

To achieve our corporate philosophy of being a smile-creating industry, we run a franchise for offering a dental whitening and cleaning service by the brand name of WHITE ESSENCE at some parts of dental clinics. We also manufacture and sell dental whiteners and other dental care devices, oral care products, etc.

WHITEESSENCE's business has smoothly grown since its establishment as it helps clinic directors solve their problems in the current situation where there is an increase in demand from consumers for whiter teeth and beautiful teeth alignment, a decrease in the population and revisions to the insurance system increasingly posing difficulties in the operation of dental clinics.

Franchising is our main business. However, we also have development and manufacturing divisions and are thus capable of developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products and devices. For this reason, our strength is the accumulation of quality improvements and cost reduction activities over the long term. This represents our establishment of our core competence in medical devices and efficient production technologies, which enables us to maintain high quality and a highly profitable system. Our excellent ability to develop products in partnership with domestic dentists and research institutions is another advantage we have.

To achieve our corporate philosophy of being a smile-creating industry all over the world, we will keep making people smile and aim to become the world’s No. 1 company in dental whitening by expanding sales of the products and services appreciated in Japan globally and introducing innovative and novel services overseas.