SDG Initiatives


Addressing demand which changes with the times, WHITEESSENCE strives to solve social issues through its business operations and continues to provide the value society expects.

Going forward, WHITEESSENCE will aim to become a company creating
social value through its SDG initiatives.

SDG Initiatives

SDG InitiativesSDG Initiatives

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are international goals for the period from 2016 to 2030 and are specified as the successor of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), formulated in 2001, in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted at the United Nations Summit held in September 2015. It consists of 17 goals with 169 targets to realize a sustainable world, and pledges to leave no one behind. The SDGs are said to be a globally common language for the discussion of sustainability in the future.

WHITEESSENCE's main initiatives

  • Corporate Governance

    • We take corporate governance codes into account in the management of our business.
    SDG 16 SDG 17
  • Establishing a risk management system

    • We establish risk management rules and regulations and a Risk & Compliance Committee composed of four directors.
    • We have a system for reporting important risks to the executive director at an early stage so that proper action can be taken.
    • We have an internal reporting system.
    SDG 16
  • Compliance

    • We establish rules and regulations regarding compliance and have established the Risk & Compliance Committee composed of four directors.
    • Formulating a compliance plan every year, we check related laws, the status of labor management, the formulation of rules and regulations and other matters. We also engage in activities to ensure compliance and submit reports to the Risk & Compliance Committee.
    • Every year, we conduct compliance training in an effort to increase all employees' awareness regarding compliance.
    SDG 16
  • Strengthening information security

    • The WHITEESSENCE Group acquired ISO 27001 certification to support its measures against complicated, ever-diversifying security threats.
    • All employees receive information security training every year to increase their awareness of security threats.
    SDG 16
  • Protection of personal information

    • All employees receive personal information protection training every year to raise their awareness of the importance of protecting personal information.
    SDG 16
  • Planning and development of high value-added products

    • In addition to technical services, we provide design development and support so that customers can use products from overseas manufacturers with ease.
    • The customer determines whether the quality of a product is good or bad. Our quality assurance starts with the voice of the customer.
    • Business condition
    • Quality (e.g. confirmation of whether operating permits and ISO and other certifications have been acquired, implementation of quality inspections)
    • Track record (e.g. production, technologies, manufacturing, sales, trading customers)
    • Prices (meeting expectations, comparison with competitors, cost-effectiveness)
    • Degree of cooperation (promptness and concreteness of action, following the timeline)
    • Agreements (concluding quality-related agreements and creating specifications with raw material and packaging material manufacturers that may affect product quality)
    SDG 9 SDG 12
  • Avoidance of trademark infringement

    • When beginning a new product, we conduct in-house research and also consult patent attorneys whenever appropriate to protect our intellectual property rights.
    SDG 10
  • Personnel affairs and welfare program

    • We recommend staggered work hours and telecommuting.
    • We introduced welfare outsourcing service.
    • Our employees also utilize childcare and family care leave and shortened working hours.
    • Our welfare programs will be revised whenever necessary in consideration of the changes of the times and the example of other companies.
    SDG 3 SDG 4 SDG 5 SDG 8 SDG 10
  • Diversity Women's empowerment Respect for human rights Encouragement of human rights education

    • One woman is a director and two women are auditor.
    • We are building an environment for employees to work without being constrained by age, gender, nationality, race or other differences.
    • WHITEESSENCE employs people with disabilities.
    • We aim to build an organization for employees to choose workstyles for different stages in their lives, such as when they are raising a child, taking care of their elderly parents or reviewing their career.
    Listed companies average WHITEESSENCE
    Percentage of female employees in management posts 8% 30%
    Male/female ratio 75:25
    Industry average

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    SDG 4 SDG 5 SDG 8 SDG 10
  • Development, recruitment and retention of human resources

    • Our new employees receive training and support in the first days after joining the company so that they quickly grow into capable workers and stay with us long-term.
    • We pursue the establishment of an organizational climate that enables employees to develop. We invest in staff education. (Bottom figure "Annual training expenses per employee")
    • WHITEESSENCE provides employees with financial assistance for the acquisition of qualifications the company deems necessary.
    • We are also working to improve other training programs such as communication training, appraiser training, manager training and next-generation leader training.

    Staff training programs

    Rank-specific training

    Company overall

    Management planning workshop

    IT literacy training

    On-the-job training

    General managers

    Executive seminar

    Coaching training


    Manager seminar

    Management training


    Middle-level employee development seminar

    Business basics training

    Specialized skill training


    Coaching training


    Attending seminars to support the acquisition of qualifications (GAIQ, web analysts, senior web analysts, social media manager, SEO test 3rd and 4th grades)

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    Annual training expenses per employee Results from October 2020 to September 2022

    Listed companies average WHITEESSENCE
    50,000 yen 350,000 yen
    SDG 4 SDG 8 SDG 10
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

    • Our customers are provided with hands-on training using our products.
    SDG 11
  • Measures against climate change and global warming Reduction of CO2 emissions

    • We encourage the shift to paperless operations.
    • In summer, we work in Cool Biz informal business attire.
    SDG 11 SDG 13