Personal Information

Handling of Personal Information

Dental clinics affiliated with WHITEESSENCE and WHITEESSENCE Co., Ltd (hereinafter collectively referred to as “WHITEESSENCE”) which supervise and manage WHITEESSENCE's services obey the following rules for the appropriate handling of the personal information they obtain from customers during business operations related to WHITEESSENCE's services.

Our Basic Stance on Personal Information

Respecting the aims of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, WHITEESSENCE establishes and observes policies and regulations for the protection of personal information.

Handling of Personal Information

WHITEESSENCE handles the following personal information of its customers.

  • i) Basic information (name, sex, address, date of birth, phone number, email address and place of employment)
  • ii)Reservation, scheduled date of visit, name of the dental clinic, procedures received in previous visits and services and products purchased in previous visits
  • iii)Questionnaire and records of post-procedure follow-up
  • iv)Photos of the treated teeth for follow-up
  • v)Login data (ID and password) for My Page, our customers-only site
  • vi) Records of inquiries from customers and questionnaires
  • vii) Recorded data such as audio and video data from previous visits and inquiries
  • viii) Other than the above, any information that is deemed necessary for the provision of products and services in the WHITEESSENCE system

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

WHITEESSENCE appropriately uses customers’ personal information for the following purposes.

  • i) Operation and management of the reservation system using standard and mobile websites and other methods using the internet
  • ii) Provision of dental services, administrative operations relating to customers, basic documents for the maintenance and improvement of healthcare services and operations, replies to inquiries from other medical institutions regarding healthcare services, case studies and other research and education regarding dental medicine
  • iii) Provision of information about WHITEESSENCE’s services using reservation confirmation email, questionnaire email, email newsletters, postcards for product recalls, campaign notices, newsletters, the customer-only site My Page and other means
  • iv) Sharing of a customer’s information between WHITEESSENCE-affiliated clinics if the customer wishes to use more than one of these clinics
  • v) Improvement of WHITEESSENCE's services
  • vi) Responding to inquiries and requests
  • vii) Other purposes associated with the above

Provision of Customer Information to Third Parties

WHITEESSENCE will not provide a customer’s personal data to a third party without the customer's consent except in cases permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act.

Provision of Customer Information to Outsourcees

WHITEESSENCE may provide a customer’s personal data to an outsourcee in relation to the outsourcing of operations including the handling of the customer’s personal data. In doing so, we will appropriately manage and supervise the handling of the information by, for example, concluding an agreement with the outsourcee and creating an operation manual.

Sharing of Customer Personal Information

WHITEESSENCE shares its customers’ personal data in the following manner.

  • i) Items of personal data for shared use

    Items written in the above list of personal data items

  • ii) Scope of companies making shared use

    WHITEESSENCE-affiliated dental clinics that our customers visit and WHITEESSENCE Co., Ltd.

  • iii) Purposes of use of companies sharing information

    Purposes written in any of the above purposes of use of personal information

  • iv) Name and address of the person responsible for management of personal data and the name of representative

    WHITEESSENCE Co., Ltd (click here for the location of WHITEESSENCE Co., Ltd and the name of its representative.)

Security Management Measures

WHITEESSENCE takes the following measures to ensure safety in the management of personal data.

Establishment of Basic Policy

To ensure the appropriate handling of personal data, we have a basic policy on matters such as compliance with related laws and guidelines and a point of contact for handling questions and complaints.

Establishment of Rules for the Handling of Personal Data

We formulate rules for the handling of personal data specifying matters such as methods for handling this data for each of the stages of use, including acquisition, use, storage, provision, deletion and destruction etc., and the people responsible for and/or in charge of the information and their responsibilities.

Systematic Security Control Measures

We specify a person responsible for the handling of personal data, clarify the employees who handle personal data and the scope of the personal data handled by these employees, and have a system for reporting to and liaising with the person responsible in the event of the discovery of an actual or suspected breach of laws or privacy regulations.

Human Security Control Measures

The Company regularly provides training and other learning opportunities to employees on matters to be considered when handling personal data.

Physical Security Control Measures

In areas where personal data is handled, we restrict employee access and we also take measures to prevent unauthorized persons from viewing personal data. We take measures to prevent the theft and loss of equipment, electronic media and documents containing personal data. When carrying this equipment, electronic media or documents within and between offices and other places, we take measures to ensure they cannot be easily accessed.

Technological Security Control Measures

We use access control to limit the people handling personal information and the scope of the personal information database they handle. Moreover, we introduce defenses to protect information systems processing personal data from being hacked or infected by malware.

Assessment of External Environment

WHITEESSENCE retains personal data in Japan.

Disclosure, etc. of Retained Personal data

If a customer has requested notification, disclosure, correction, etc. of the purpose of use of their personal data retained by WHITEESSENSE; the discontinuation, etc. of the use of this data; discontinuation of provision of their data to a third party; or disclosure of records of the provision of their data to third parties (hereinafter “disclosure etc.”), WHITEESSENCE confirms that the request is from the customer before taking the appropriate actions.

To request disclosure etc., please contact a WHITEESSENCE-affiliated clinic or send an email to the address in Inquiries below.


About Cookies

Cookies are a file saved to your computer when you use a web page that enables the history of your use of services and the data your browser has transmitted to received from the server to be recorded.

Accessing the same page again allows the operator of the page to, for example, differentiate the way the webpage displays for you from the way it displays for other users using the cookies saved to your computer. If a customer's browser settings reject the transmission or reception of cookies, the website cannot recognize the cookies saved in the user's browser. For the protection of privacy, the customer’s browser transmits only the cookies transmitted and received by the website’s server.

WHITEESSENCE Co., Ltd's Use of Cookies

WHITEESSENCE Co., Ltd uses cookies for the following purposes.

  • To make it possible to provide each customer with customized services by referring to the saved information about the customer’ registered when the customer is logged into the authentication service;
  • Display the most appropriate advertisements on other companies' websites based on the customer's interests and the customer's use of our website;
  • Research the number of users of our website and website traffic;
  • Improve our services;
  • Prompt a customer who has not visited the website for a certain period of time after their last visit, to re-enter (re-authenticate) their password in order to maintain security.

Based on outsourcing of the distribution of WHITEESSENCE’s advertisements to a third party, WHITEESSENCE Co., Ltd may save and refer to its cookies via the third party.

Amendments to this Document and the Governing Laws

Japan's national laws apply to WHITEESSENCE's handling of the personal information of its customers.

WHITEESSENCE may revise this document without prior notice. In doing so, WHITEESSENCE notifies people of the change by replacing the previous document with the revised document without delay and, after the notification, handles personal information based on the revised document.


For inquiries, complaints, consultation etc. about WHITEESSENCE's handling of personal information, please contact us at the following email address.


Click here for the address of WHITEESSENCE Co., Ltd and the name of its representative. For the address of a WHITEESSENCE-affiliated dental clinic and the name of its representative, see the website of the clinic.